Wedding:: Eugene + Serene

Before Stanstills began, I learnt from various seniors in the industry that the best way to market a photography brand is through word of mouth.

Yes, at the beginning, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will help new photographers showcase their portfolio to the public. But after that, it is the feedback, personal recommendation and testimonial of the photographer's clients that will become important factors in new clients' decision-making. Sometimes, I also meet potential clients during wedding shoots, who eventually decided to engage my services after seeing me work during their friend's or relative's wedding celebration.

This was the scenario in which I got to know the bride, Serene. In fact, I met her so many times during various clients' wedding celebrations (she was their friend), that she knew my working style and approach even before our initial discussion. When Serene announced her engagement and expressed her interest to have me as her wedding photographer, the feeling of being remembered and appreciated was immensely gratifying for me.

During Serene and her now-husband, Eugene's, wedding celebration, I had the opportunity to reconnect with my graduated couples whose wedding celebrations Serene had attended before. It then dawned on me how far my photography journey has progressed and the multitude of human connection that I had chanced upon.

On another note, I applaud and respect the spontaneity of Eugene's groomsmen for braving the recent temperamental weather in their superhero costumes. Indeed, it made the wedding celebration MARVEL-ous one.

To Eugene and Serene, time flies by real fast when we're having fun. Thank you for making your wedding a memorable one - from the intimate church wedding to the superheroes' gatecrashing and the surprise performance by the groom. I believe your wedding left a deep impression to your guests and loved ones. Looking forward to see mini-E and mini-S in the near future. Take care!

Wedding:: Mike + Zenne

In my experience as a wedding photographer, I found that there is one major concern that couples will usually share with me during our first meet-up. And that is “will be there enough materials to photograph if my wedding is simple?"

My answer, “hell yes!”

I don't deny that the number of things/events happening during the wedding day will affect the quantity of photos taken. But there are so many more elements of a wedding that a photographer can focus on. It’s never about the quantity of events but the quality.

To me, the meaning of quality is more than just beautiful decors and lavish setups. It is the raw emotions of human interactions - the laughter, the tears and the gratitude.

I truly adore simple weddings. The less cluttered the wedding day is, the more quality time the couple get to spend with their loved ones, and the less stress the couple will give upon themselves. This allows me to concentrate on the important moments, in order to capture the emotions of that big day so my couples can look back on these memories and relive them.

Mike and Zenne’s wedding was a straightforward one, consisting of the morning preparation, Buddhist solemnisation and lunch with their loved ones. And what I love about their wedding was the genuine emotions of the couple. They weren't shy to wear their hearts on their sleeves. I felt touched that I had the opportunity to witness these first-hand, and did my very best to capture every precious moment.

To the lovely Mike and Zenne, despite the short notice period of confirmation, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautifully simple wedding celebration, and for giving me my very first Buddhist solemnisation. I’m in love with it!

I wish you both a harmonious and blissful marriage.

Wedding:: ShunHai + Geraldine

Nothing pushes me harder than the freedom to create and the complete trust given by my couples to do my job. Time becomes a luxury during most local Chinese weddings, as the wedding agenda is usually time sensitive. This limits photographers ability to craft a good shot and try creative expressions.

For that, I always strongly advise my couples to seriously consider their vendors' suggestions. This is because, in my experience, the vendors' expertise helps couples reduce time/decision-making and optimise whatever time available to ensure a pleasant and smooth wedding day procession. Heeding their advice may lead to longer rest time, longer couple photography session or even shorter photography service engagement without compromising quality.

Therefore, I greatly cherish and appreciate couples like ShunHai and Geraldine, who gave me free reign as their actual day photographer. They allowed me the rare privilege to call the shots to photograph and go beyond the allocated time frame to take more photos. I'd also like to give a shout out to their bridal party; Kudos to them for braving the humidity and heat to get the shots, and for being such a good sport to the couple!

To ShunHai and Geraldine, thank you once again, for showing me how a wedding can be both beautifully meaningful and eventful. Both of you have certainly come a long way and I’m honored to witness your nuptial. I wish you both a blissful and happy marriage. Till then, take care.

Wedding:: Justin + Tania

Continuing my promise to update my website regularly, here is a snippet of a wedding day that I shot 4 days ago.

This is Justin and Tania's second wedding celebration. The first celebration was held in Canada while this round was held in their motherland - Singapore. Dedicated to their family, relatives and friends, the celebration was a joyous one, filled with laughter and dancing.

Also, never in my years as a photographer have I witnessed a tea ceremony more affectionate than theirs. I guess it's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder; throughout the ceremony, both Justin and Tania took great care to ensure their grandparents and relatives were comfortable, and also took time to ask about their well-being.

For the main highlight of Justin and Tania's wedding lunch, the dance floor was opened for their family and friends. It's been a while since I had the chance to document such an experience, and I seized every moment to take photos of the crowd confidently dancing away and having a blast without a care in the world. To me, the most memorable moment was - hands down - the groom and his mother’s dance. It was a remix of several popular songs, including Michael Jackson, Chubby Chuckers and N'sync; Both of them put up an energetic performance that blew everyone's mind. Kudos for the amazing effort!

To Justin and Tania, I can’t thank you guys enough for entrusting me and giving me a rare opportunity to be involved in your 3-days wedding celebration. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on all 3 days. Both of you are meant for each other just like penguins who are loyal only to their chosen partners.

Have a wonderful life ahead!

“Remember me,
Before I have to go...”