Telunas:: Richard + Celeste

I met Celeste during Edwin+Jeanne's pre-wed photography session when she was the friend assistant for the couple. She was indeed a great help for the couple and me. It was then I found out that she was in the beginning of her wedding preparation.
Moving forward, we met again with her fiancé, Richard, to break the ice and have an in-depth understanding of this beautiful couple. They were open in sharing their courtship and Richard was Celeste's first 'swipe right', and the rest was history. 

With them, I had the privilege to experience the serenity and amazing private island of Telunas. Apart from the expected boat rides, Telunas is truly a destination to disconnect from the world and enjoy the simplicity of a 'Kampong' life. I remembered scouting the island with Richard and we chanced upon a table tennis table which led us to a game or two. During the amateurish interaction, I got to know Richard better and being born in the UK and a Manchester United Fan, I learnt a different perspective of the lifestyle in England and how good Singapore is.

I'm grateful for the nice weather for two days, albeit the crazy thunderstorm in the midnight was a scary one. The gowns and suits selected by the couple complemented them totally which indirectly contributed in the aesthetic of the photos. 

Thank you for being a sport and giving Wendy and I a rare opportunity to be part of your wedding journey.

hmua: makeupbywendysoh

Pre-Wed:: YunZhoun + XiaoYu

Leaving the motherland and pursuing a career in this tiny red dot, fate decided to drop a partner of your life.

I had such a great time with this beautiful couple from China. YunZhou and XiaoYu open up my perspective of the little things in life and shared their lovely courtship stories. 

Thank you for the patience and braving through some mosqutio-infested area. Hope both of you enjoyed the photo session. Remember to enjoy your wedding day!

Melbourne:: Aaron + Christina

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to the recent Melbourne trip due to a few backlogs of past wedding jobs that oozed a worrisome thought of even more backlogs.

However, everything turns wonderfully well when I expected the least. Met up with couple friends for some shopping and delicious foods as always, most importantly, the photography session with Aaron and Christina was something I will fondly remember with my heart.

Apart from the phototaking session which was spontaneously awesome by the way, this sporting couple earned my respect of a big brother and big sister. We chatted anything and everything until we were the last few to leave the restaurant. From life experience to entrepreneurship to courtship to food, endless topics were shared. Just like catching up with old friends.

So Aaron and Christina. I'm looking forward to more catch up in the near future. Hope both of you enjoyed half of what I had experienced. It's a total waste that I can be your AD photographer, please enjoy every moment during your big day.