Andaz:: Gabriel + HuiTing


Amazing is an understatement for describing Gabriel and Hui Ting, who were both triathletes.

We had a great light-hearted first gathering that was followed by 2 fruitful pre-wedding shoot sessions (due to the SLA arrangement with one of our shooting locations, we had to split to 2 days) before the actual day wedding celebration.

Gabriel and Hui Ting belong to the few lucky couples who are able to hold their ideal wedding celebration, yet also respect their parents’ requirements. The wedding agenda was straightforward, but fun and heart-warming. Especially when they played the hilarious ‘Shoe Game’ involving their mothers and themselves, and also, Gabriel’s long-winded appreciation speech. The whole vibe is just delightful.

To Gab and HuiTing, thank you for providing a vip seat for me with delicious luncheon food at Andaz (couples, please don’t follow this example). I love your wedding event and am thankful for our newly forged friendship. Have a Run-derful marriage!