Wedding:: Yan Zhang + Chantal

After a year of radio silence, where I struggled with burning out from work and distractions, I’m fighting my way back to pay more attention to my website. So do keep an eye out for the exciting changes in Stanstills’ branding and website layout!

For this post, I'd like to share about Yan Zhang and Chantal’s intimate wedding. I had the privilege of working with this super chill couple; So chill that they left their ROM certificate in the bridal suit. Despite that, the couple remained very calm, and created a Plan B for their solemnisation ceremony. Eventually, they were able to attain all necessary documents for the ceremony, which proceeded smoothly. 

During the morning preparations, I noticed two koi tattoos on Chantal’s right forearm and was interested to know their back story. She shared that the red koi represented her late father, who had a big red koi tattooed on his back, and that the black koi represented herself. Hearing that, I felt touched as Chantel's tattoos were a beautiful and meaningful visual remembrance of her loved one being always by her side. Thus, whenever I took her family shots, I am reminded that her father is with us "physically" and spiritually. 

To Yan Zhang and Chantal, you are my first couple to hold their wedding in the gorgeous Artemis, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to photograph your special day. I love the vibe, the endless well wishes and the interactions with your guests. And I am also humbly reminded of how a simple wedding can still be an eventful one. May both of you have the chill-est marriage life ahead and an abundance of happiness.