Wedding:: Justin + Tania

Continuing my promise to update my website regularly, here is a snippet of a wedding day that I shot 4 days ago.

This is Justin and Tania's second wedding celebration. The first celebration was held in Canada while this round was held in their motherland - Singapore. Dedicated to their family, relatives and friends, the celebration was a joyous one, filled with laughter and dancing.

Also, never in my years as a photographer have I witnessed a tea ceremony more affectionate than theirs. I guess it's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder; throughout the ceremony, both Justin and Tania took great care to ensure their grandparents and relatives were comfortable, and also took time to ask about their well-being.

For the main highlight of Justin and Tania's wedding lunch, the dance floor was opened for their family and friends. It's been a while since I had the chance to document such an experience, and I seized every moment to take photos of the crowd confidently dancing away and having a blast without a care in the world. To me, the most memorable moment was - hands down - the groom and his mother’s dance. It was a remix of several popular songs, including Michael Jackson, Chubby Chuckers and N'sync; Both of them put up an energetic performance that blew everyone's mind. Kudos for the amazing effort!

To Justin and Tania, I can’t thank you guys enough for entrusting me and giving me a rare opportunity to be involved in your 3-days wedding celebration. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on all 3 days. Both of you are meant for each other just like penguins who are loyal only to their chosen partners.

Have a wonderful life ahead!

“Remember me,
Before I have to go...”