Wedding:: Eugene + Serene

Before Stanstills began, I learnt from various seniors in the industry that the best way to market a photography brand is through word of mouth.

Yes, at the beginning, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will help new photographers showcase their portfolio to the public. But after that, it is the feedback, personal recommendation and testimonial of the photographer's clients that will become important factors in new clients' decision-making. Sometimes, I also meet potential clients during wedding shoots, who eventually decided to engage my services after seeing me work during their friend's or relative's wedding celebration.

This was the scenario in which I got to know the bride, Serene. In fact, I met her so many times during various clients' wedding celebrations (she was their friend), that she knew my working style and approach even before our initial discussion. When Serene announced her engagement and expressed her interest to have me as her wedding photographer, the feeling of being remembered and appreciated was immensely gratifying for me.

During Serene and her now-husband, Eugene's, wedding celebration, I had the opportunity to reconnect with my graduated couples whose wedding celebrations Serene had attended before. It then dawned on me how far my photography journey has progressed and the multitude of human connection that I had chanced upon.

On another note, I applaud and respect the spontaneity of Eugene's groomsmen for braving the recent temperamental weather in their superhero costumes. Indeed, it made the wedding celebration MARVEL-ous one.

To Eugene and Serene, time flies by real fast when we're having fun. Thank you for making your wedding a memorable one - from the intimate church wedding to the superheroes' gatecrashing and the surprise performance by the groom. I believe your wedding left a deep impression to your guests and loved ones. Looking forward to see mini-E and mini-S in the near future. Take care!