Wedding:: Richard + Celeste

One of the anticipated wedding couples I was eagered to be part of. 

Ever since their pre-wedding shoot in Telunas, a special bond was formed between this amazing couple, Richard and Celeste, Wendy the MUA and me. So being part of their wedding celebration just made the entire procedure a pleasant and smooth-sailing one.

Things became specially cosier and more intimate without the typical gatecrashing and the usual commute to the respective family's houses. For me, the bridal party photoshoot was arguably one of the wedding highlights. Kudos to the stunning bridesmaids and groomsmen for their patience and spontaneity, making the photo session enjoyable and comical. 

Apart from witnessing Celeste's family's extraordinary huge capacity of breath during the yum seng toast, what leaves the deepest impression during the banquet dinner was the heartfelt appreciation speeches by their friends and the couple. Happy tears were presented and embarrassing moments were shared, taking the celebratory atmosphere an emotional ride.

To Richard and Celeste. It's not your fault that it’s taking a little bit longer to find the right one because that means it’s going to be wonderful and worth the wait. I am truly happy for both of you and glad that we crossed path. Thanks a million for having me to be part of your big day. I'm deeply honoured.

To many many happy moments. Have a blissful life ahead.


hmua: Make up by Wendy Soh