Wedding:: Jarius + Raquel

Sometimes, the saddest part of a wedding is the conclusion of my photography service for the couple. Especially those couples who I had bonded with during the pre-wedding session and their wedding day. Jarius and Raquel are notably interesting couple. They had 101% faith and trust in my abilities (somehow stressful for me) and being easy going to some extend (Raquel you know what I'm talking about. Haha).

With that, we beginning their wedding preparation journey to the land of sushi where I got to bond more with them at a personal level and understand their relationship better. It was Stanstills' very first Japan engagement shoot and I'm indeed grateful for the wonderful Nippon experience.

Walking along with them till the end of their wedding chapter, this newly wed had immersed respect for each other that I admired. Jarius alway place Raquel first. Despite knowing Raquel, he make an effort to check with Raquel and making sure she is aware of any situation; and her happiest is his priority. What surprised me most was Raquel. Initially, this super-demure lady seems to be a major receiver in the relationship and well protected under the umbrella of Jarius. What she did for Jarius during their wedding made me see her in a different light. As the couple agreed on letter exchanging a day before their big day, this secretive Raquel actually wrote a letter to Jarius every month since they dated and on top of that, she created a private Instagram account dedicated to Jarius. I can totally feel the instant overwhelming love he received.

'Raquel! You sure have your way of showing gratitude. And that was another level.'

To Jarius and Raquel. It has been an amazing preparation journey. Sadly, all good things come to an end, but not to our new friendship. I'm truly honored to be part of your love story and imparting me in many different ways. I am grateful for that. Thank you.

And lastly, may both of you live happily ever after.