Wedding:: MinHan + Joanna

To some, wedding service is just a job.
To some, a wedding day is a work day.
For me, a wedding day is my friends' big day.

Being a standalone wedding photographer, One major factor that differentiates 'us' from other big wedding companies is providing a photography service with a personal touch. This simple factor lessens the worries and burdens of the wedding couple and indirectly making their wedding day a more enjoyable one.

Once a while, I was asked by the bridal party if I was a friend of the couple. It reaffirmed me that making an effort to know the couple a little more does make a difference on the wedding day. Maybe a huge difference.

In the first meet up with MinHan and Joanna, we shared more than just wedding details. We ended up chatting about personal stuff and common friends. That's certainly improved the comfortability level of both parties. As much as I felt bad for these sporty groomsmen, the gatecrash was one of the funniest I ever encounter. Not too gross, not too physical. A right amount of pure laughter for the bridesmaids. The help from this awesome bridal party, ensuring the couple had a great time on their special day, were definitely applause-worthy *come I clap for you*

To MinHan and Joanne, a year of wedding preparation passed by us in a flash, it was a sheer joy being part of your big day. The support and love for each other are immutable and respectable. Hope both of you have at least half of the enjoyment I had. Wishing both of you a lifetime of joy and happiness.