Wedding:: TauHerng + Huixian

A fresh start to the new year, an end to a chapter of my beloved couple friend, TauHerng and Huixian. There is an indescribable feeling on how I cherish the moments with this wonderful couple during their wedding preparation phrase. We clicked instantaneously on our first meet-up. Like a long lost friend, I truly enjoyed those sarcastic and punny conversations we had which were uniquely special to me.

The bittersweet feeling kicked in during their big day. It was a wedding I had been anticipating and yet I wished it can come a little bit later. What a smoothing sailing and fun filled wedding celebration. Everything was executed nicely and candidly. Kudos to the gorgeous groomsmen and the beautiful bridesmaids, their level of spontaneousness and initiative throughout the wedding were sky high. Maybe also the reason why TauHerng and HuiXian could enjoy themselves.

The main highlight of the celebration, the hot topic on everybody's mind at the end of the day, is TauHerng's performance and the little surprise to Huixian. I mean sing and guitar performance are a common sight where one partner expresses appreciation and gratitude to the other half. For the talented TauHerng, not only did he played the violin, he sang the outro of 'Beautiful in White' while making his way to his wife before ending the performance with a kiss.

'TauHerng don't spoil market leh!'

To TauHerng and Huixian. It has been a fruitful and happening voyage this past one year. There were so many to reminisce and be grateful for. Thank you for the 'cell' group meeting during the location recce, an intro to Maki-san and countless of sarcastic lame punny jokes which were such a nostalgias. The love that you guys possessed is immutable and admirable. Braving through highs and lows of life together, your love story has the potential of movie material.

Wishing both of you an abundance of love and laughter; and the very very best in anything and everything in the future. You will be missed.

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