Wedding:: Jefferson + Jasmine

It's been a while since I updated my blog, having been occupied with a number of backlogs, in addition to my ongoing weekend photography work. I do apologise for the silence.

My first time meeting this awesome couple, Jefferson and Jasmine, was also my first time doing pre-wedding shoot overseas. They were friends of my previous clients and they were amicable and very easy going. Our friendship was instant over that short period of time and we continued to hang out occasionally for steamboat and steak. 

Little did I know, time flew and it was soon their turn to get married. I was privileged to be the photographer during their wedding. It is always interesting to listen to couple's courtship story during their banquet and since I had known Jefferson and Jasmine for a while, memories shared by families and friends about them were hilarious and heartwarming. For example, Jefferson gradually opened up due to influence from his extroverted wife, and Jasmine found her calling to Christianity which is the same faith as her husband's. Their marriage is an epitome of two individuals working hard to perfect a relationship.

To Jefferson and Jasmine, thank you for your faith in my work and for engaging me once again to capture your precious moments. Also, my apologies to Jefferson for an early knockout that eventful night ( up for steak some time soon?). Wishing you both a blissful life ahead.

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