Wedding:: JianPeng + Katrina

My last wedding of 2016. It was also the day of celebrating a tiny milestone of mine, cherishing the moments I had thus far and being grateful for.

The wedding celebration of the beautiful Katrina and towering JianPeng was nothing but joy and laughter, from dawn to dusk. Every candid moment is worthy to be photographed. The memorable part of gatecrashing was fruit stage, the brutal yet nutritious stage I had seen in 2016. Kudos to the sporty groomsmen for devouring and bracing through every stage, definitely a good laugh for the bridesmaids and bride's family.

To JianPeng and Katrina, thank you for spoiling me with the freedom in photographing your wedding - this is a privilege I will never forget. Hope you enjoyed your big day half as much as I had. Have a wonderful new chapter as Mr and Mrs Hu!

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