Wedding:: Barry + Cheryl

A nuptial. A celebration of two souls embarking on a life journey hand in hand, covering each other backs. It is also a time where emotions are genuinely express and unexplainable. Barry and Cheryl's wedding had a few unexpected situations in terms of showing gratitude and emotion.

Being the only child in the family, Cheryl have been given the fullest support by her parents and showed with love by her loved ones. It came to a surprise for me, when her bubbly mother broke down while witnessing her one and only child marching down the alley in the beautiful Chijmes hall. This touching sight was followed by Barry's heartfelt speech. I recalled having small chat with Barry, before the banquet, seeking if Cheryl will be emotional giving her speech. The atmosphere took a 180° switch when Barry pause in the midst of his speech and calming himself, with redness in his eyes, before continuing.

I was asked why would some couple become emotional while giving thanks to the people they loved. It is simple. Just list down everything little and major things that your family had done to become who you are now. How gratified will you be?

To Barry and Cheryl, thank you for the trust to document the beautiful wedding of yours. Waking up at a later time, simple tea ceremony, sporting bridal party and hosting your wedding in one of the most beautiful architecture in Singapore, all these little elements I do not mind attempting over and over again. May both of you have many many happy moneys into he years to come. #thanksfortheoysterbay

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