Wedding:: Darren + Janice

It is always a pleasant surprise to document a wedding of my secondary school's junior. Darren and I only realised our common school in the midst of our first meet-up. Definitely a mini catch-up.

I always love intimate wedding day. Those candid and touching moments when the couple interacts with their guests who play a part in their life journey. Everyone has a story of them, nobody is an acquaintance. So, Darren and Janice, I thank you for the rare experience.

The bittersweet appreciation speech after the church ceremony left a very deep impression on me. It is only when things are to be penned down that made you realised how much your family members mean to you. Beautiful personal stories were shared and brotherly tears were presented from both families, with some tear-jerking moments around the hall.

To Darren and Janice, it was a beautiful day and atmosphere to celebrate your love with your family and friends. Love the decorations and the fairy lights (kudos to your cell group), the tough mathematics papers for your guests and the jaw-dropping songs sang by your friends. If only your dinner celebration can be prolonged, that's will be insanely awesome. Thanks for having me and thank you for showing knowledge and grooming our next younger generation.

WeddingStan GohComment