Wedding:: Mark + Colleen

Nowadays, wedding planning has lots of variation. Different level of preparation and extensiveness the couple would hope for. From the wedding details to the overall presentation to wedding programmes, it boils down to the couple’s expectation and their main objective of a memorable wedding.

Mark and Colleen were very clear cut on their wedding objective - have a simple wedding with lots of interaction and laughter. Other than doing everything to perfection, this lovely couple focus on those close to their hearts, like: wedding invitation card, wedding favours, church ceremony, lunch (with ice-cream cart) and tons of interaction with their guests.

Experiencing their wedding made me reflects a new point of view in life. Instead of making everything perfect, why not devote on something one strongly believes in and do it real good, while making sure the rest are straightforward and nothing fancy.

So Mark and Colleen, it had been a pleasure witnessing both of you enjoying the company of your close ones and making every guest feels so welcome. Loved the invitation card, cupcakes, ice-cream cart and your simple dinner. Thank you for having me and may both of you have a lovely and simple embarkment in life ahead.