Solemnisation:: ReiHorng + WanXin

Sometimes looking back at your courtship, you cannot believe that this beautiful love story of yours is embarking on a new chapter. The initial meet up of two strangers, honeymoon period, heated argument and the decision to be husband and wife, everything seems so right. You cannot deny that fate places your future better half in a place that you possibly cannot imagine to meet.

Listening to ReiHorng and WanXin’s wooing stage, it was pretty remarkable that they found each other in an unexpected event. Observing them during their casual shoot, WanXin was a joyful and animated lady, while ReiHorng was an accommodating and easy-going gentleman. Though the slight difference in personalities, they actually complement each other very well.

During the exchange of vows, with the recent passing of WanXin’s late father, there were tears and uncontrollable mumbling. Despite the cheerful persona, WanXin was moved by ReiHorng’s solemn promise and her waterworks ran even wilder when she recited hers. I can totally feel the adoration for her late father and the appreciation and gratefulness towards ReiHorng.

Lastly, with the opening of the dance floor, that crazy non-alcoholic high dance diva in her appeared. WanXin and her friends really enjoyed themselves and had a mayhem of their own. Frolicking to the tune of YMCA and random dance steps to the songs of S Club 7. Recalling back those nights photographing nightlife, I had such a great time snapping.

To the happy couple, thank you for being so comfortable with me in such a short time. I enjoyed the roller coaster ride of emotions, that is what wedding should be all about. Have an awesome time with your new status. Looking forward to your big day someday.