Wedding:: Dinesh + Jacinta

First for foremost, I would like to express that the sheer adoration from this amazing couple is out of this world.

Being a sports enthusiast and travel junkie, I was fascinated by the stories and experiences from Dinesh and Jacinta during our first meet up. Listening to their extraordinary biking trip in New Zealand, again my favourite country thus far, gave me an urge to head back to the land of long white cloud. Plus a sharing session about the upcoming Olympic events then and the potential of Joseph Schooling. 

Finally, we touched on the serious stuff, their wedding, the ultimate climax that kept me anticipated till D-day. A very unorthodox wedding I must say. A unique rustic venue, my very first wedding venue away from hotels and restaurants, with loads of thoughtful craft-works handmade by the couple and friends; and vendors handpicked by the bride and financially approved by the groom. Haha...

• Old school wedding car that maximum speed is 60km/h
• Handmade fan-menu
• Bottles and jars of flowers collected by the bride
• ‘Inippu’ Sweet peanut specially prepared by Dinesh’s sister
• Three-tier donut castle
• Uncle host who did a very wonderful job
• Soulful music by Kachi and PeiXin
• Ice-cream cart (new trend nowadays)
• That epic friend who lead the Yum Seng
• Lots of laughers and candid moments

To Dinesh and Jacinta, what a wonderful atmosphere it was! Surrounded by the family and friends you loved. Seeing you guys deeply in love and being yourself - making a fool out of each other, definitely be a memorable one for me. Thank you so much for having me and gracing this cozy celebration of yours. May both of you have many more beautiful moments ahead and more biking trips in the near future. 

Hair and Makeup: Tangyong Hair & Makeup Artist