wedding:: sean + yeesiang

At times, unfortunate happens and it makes us a little wise…

For the past two months have been really busy for Stanstills and yet an appendicitis decided to strike in between in my packed timeline and especially on the wedding day of Sean and YeeSiang.

As I am unable to get a replacement on time, I carried on my duty of photography. This understanding couple had been the sweetest and accommodating angles upon knowing my situation. Constantly checking with me and asking me to rest.

To Sean and YeeSiang, truly sorry for leaving in the middle of your wedding and being an additional burden suddenly. It was also a waste that I am unable to witness YeeSiang’s beautiful yellow “Bella-inspired” wedding gown. Appreciated your patience in me and pardon me if I am a cause of any inconvenience. May both of you continue the adoration for each other and have a wonderfully “Pikachu-fied” married life.