Wedding:: Mike + Esther

Once a while I bump onto some couples that click exceptionally well. I, myself, was amazed by the amount of things we can share like the degree of friends, travelling, food, sports and photography and that usual 1hour meet up is not enough to hold our sharing session.

Mike and Esther were a very out spoken couple. In our first meet up, We started to sway away from wedding discussion and shared deeply into my previous New Zealand trip, as they were then preparing to travel to NZ for their pre-wedding shoot. Always love sharing my NZ experience as it was my best trip, plus it is always a win-win situation when my couple/friends enjoy some NZ tips and recommendation from me.

This couple who loves to DIY and creating things with sentimental value - their wedding is not an exception. Hand picking their wedding vendors, sourcing photographer for their NZ pre-wed shoot, crafting their wedding invites (lots of hardwork) and organising mini carnival games and snack vendors to have a unique wedding for their guests. You can imagine the amount of work that was put together - very impressive.

To Mike and Esther, love your unique carnival-inspired wedding celebration, so glad that I am the chosen one to document down all these and witness your beautiful wedding. Despite the warning of Esther’s waterworks, I believed it was certainly tears of joy, happiness and gratitude. Hope you guys had half of what I enjoyed and may you guys have a more adventurous and crafty embarkment of your new chapter as a married couple.