Pre-Wed:: Jun + Ami

When a rare opportunity comes, you have to seize it.

Being a regular business traveller to Singapore, Jun from Japan, had a fond impression of our sunny island and decided, with Ami, that Singapore will be their designated pre-wedding location. The initial meet up with Jun, after a few email exchanges, was rather a cute one. Despite the language barrel, we were able to preplan and finalise the details of their Singapore pre-wedding shoot.

Tourist being a tourist. We like to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China and any iconic spots around the world. With this kawaii couple, I revisited those iconic sport of Singapore. The entire session re-evaluated how clean and green Singapore is which we usually neglect the most. And also the fact that Japanese people are more willing to do silly things and poses for photography. 

Thank you Jun and Ami, my first ever Japanese couple, for braving the scorching weather and being so spontaneous during the shoot. Hope both of you enjoy the pre-wed album and have a happy marriage.

Make-up and hair: Makeup by Wendy Soh