wedding:: KianYong + ZhiXin

All good things come to an end. That's why I cherish every moment I had with every couple I met.

This sweet couple, KianYong and ZhiXin, is one of the most memorable couple I have crossed path with. Their humble background, talented dancing skills and cheerful characters have warmed my heart. They made me realise deeper the significance of documenting important chapters in ones love journey.

Reminiscing the times where we sat down to conceptualise their pre-wedding day to finalising the album layout and concreting their wedding day schedule, brings a smile to my face. KianYong and ZhiXin's Waltz dance sparked the adoration for each other. When I saw them dancing in front of my very own eyes during their pre-wedding shoot, I was mesmerised and captivated by their elegance and poise. 

Thank you so so much for having me, witness and photograph your beautiful families, wonderfully unique wedding banquet, the touching brother speech and of course, the 'family-premiere' of your Waltz dance.

So KianYong and ZhiXin, this is where you guys embark on a new chapter of your love life and to achieve greater milestones together. May the two of you dance through life together, hand in hand and heart to heart. Never let the sparkle in your hearts dim.

For snippets of KianYong and ZhiXing's pre-wed photos: Click here.