Wedding:: Yulun + Nicole

It’s always motivating to have my close friends and their family members entrusting me to be part of their special day. Skipping all the introductory and warming up, the wedding preparation of YuLun and Nicole had been more than just a breeze. 

Bethinking the wonderful time creating their cinemagraph montage (LoveInMotion) and engagement shoot in the late 2015, this sporting couple gave me space to unleash my creativeness as we bounced ideas to produce the best possible model of their courtship.

On their wedding day, it felt like a usual visiting practice with my friends. Entering the house, greeting everybody and being persuaded by Auntie Sue to have my breakfast before I carry my cameras. With a transparent communication, tasks were easier to direct and execute which certainly make the wedding procedure smoother and pleasing.

The most memorable highlight of the wedding day was, hands down, YuLun surprising his newly wedded wife by sing a song. Everyone was flabbergasted, including myself - never knew YuLun had such vocal talent despite his easy going and anxious appearance. His performance was greatly praised and applauded even till the end of the ceremony. 

“YuLun! You had raised the bar.”

To YuLun and Nicole, I truly enjoyed my time with you guys, full of jokes and random surprises. Thanks for the trust and faith never the last. Wishing you guys a life time of happiness and may be baby? See you guys real soon.

WeddingStan Goh