wedding:: darren + peiling

Patience is a virtue. It is applicable to the Universe of Love as well. Good things are meant to wait and to be seized.

Darren and PeiLing were very open when they shared with me their courtship progression during our first meet up. Social media and social dating apps are the latest cupid-in-disguise that brought them together. After meeting different couples all this while, there is a growing percentage of couples knowing each other via these dating alternatives. In fact, it is another option for those busy working individuals to meet new friends and people are more open up to share thier experience with their close ones and friends. With Darren and PeiLing’s successful example, the couple do recommend to their single friends around to keep an open mind and experience the new way of making friends.

During their big day, despite knowing that their wedding will be a simple one, PeiLing’s nieces and nephews made the instant gatecrash a memorable one, which caught Darren and his groomsmen off guard for a while. Through out the entire wedding, Darren had been exceptionally thoughtful towards PeiLing and her family members. Ensuring everything is smooth flowing and PeiLing’s comfortability under the unforgiving weather. It was also my first time encountering couple groomsmen and bridesmaids, so some intimate group photos can be captured during the casual photography session.

Good things always come to an end. To Darren and PeiLing, hope you guys enjoyed your special day and thanks for having me. Your heartfelt speeches were touching and dedicated. May you guys have a lavishness of love and happiness into your married life.