Wedding:: Chuan Yong + Maryann

Words can’t describe the genuineness and pure adoration of this couple, ChuanYong and MaryAnn. For them, from both ends of South-East Asia, to bump into each other is surely a fairytale in reality. Time and time again, they shown undying love and care to each other. Although it was a simple mini-sized ‘mint-green and gold theme’ wedding ceremony, it sure said a lot about this lovely couple from the crafty decorated reception to the beautiful solemnisation area to the heartwarming speeches from families and friends; and to the special arrangement by the bride.

During the small casual photography around Burkill Hall, ChuanYong effortlessly place MaryAnn before himself - assisting her gown for the photoshoot, telepathically understanding her and helping her family needs as well. Definitely one of the many good X-factors that attracted the sweet Mary-Ann. And for that, to share her fondness towards ChuanYong in front their guests, MaryAnn surprised the man of her life a song. A song that represent how much he means to her.

To ChuanYong and MaryAnn, thanks for having me to be part of your important chapter of your life and sharing with me your beautiful love story. It is a special night indeed. Wishing both of you an abundance of love and happiness. God blessed!

Wedding Planner: Host by 1-Rochester Group
Gown: Kleid Gown & Co.

WeddingStan Goh