Solemnisation:: Chun Kai + Kailing

Weeks before ChunKai and KaiLing’s wedding day, KaiLing’s father was hospitalised and in critical condition. This bride-to-be was strong enough to remind her wedding vendors upon her family’s crisis. But thank god, her dad recovered and was fit to march in with her during this cozy mini wedding celebration.

During the newly-wed’s thank you speech, it was damn touching (fighting myself from tearing). I roughly recalled this little part “当爸爸入院时,很害怕会失去爸爸。今天非常感恩爸爸能出席我的婚礼,能有爸爸带着我走下我人生的新篇章。爸爸我爱你。” (When my father was hospitalised, I was afraid of losing him. Today I am grateful for his presence and for him to walking me to my next embarkment of life. Father, I love you)

It was when times like that, one will take a step back and think of all the good times of that particular person and imagine a day without his existence. To my family and friends, please cherish your loved ones as you never know what the future will hold.

To the good looking bride and groom, thanks for showing me the love of two families as one, the brilliant bakery presentation by ChunKai’s mother and the cute reception layout and wedding favour. Wishing KaiLing’s father the pinkest of health and may both of you live happily ever after.

SolemnisationStan Goh