Wedding:: Heng Yong + Ramona

Ladies love surprises. Well most of them. But how many men are able to surprise his lady once a while during a courtship or marriage life. Well that's close to zero. 

However, there is a good news and a bad news. Good news is I found one rare gem and the bad news is he is taken.

I had such a great time with HengYong and Ramona during their wedding preparation phrases. Through our countless encounters, they shared with me stages of their courtship and the obstacles they faced and overcomed. One main things I realised was that HengYong made an effort to surprise Ramona over and over again. Not just tangible stuffs but also personal habits.

Apart from the surprise proposal at Maldives and the old school Volkswagon as their wedding car, the other great effort was him quit smoking for the sake of Ramona and their future, by his own will. Recalling the time HengYong shared it to me during the schedule finalization, I could see how appreciative was Ramona, just by the sight of her looking and listening to him while he narrating his "I Quit" experience.

They will definitely be one of the couples that I will missed fondly. Crossing path with both of them enlighten me some good tips in life. 

Have a happy marriage and wishing both of you nothing but the best in the future!

WeddingStan GohComment