solemnisation:: dark + sayuri

I was introduced to Dark during a networking session and subsequently we had a few collaborative jobs. He has this amazing time allocation skills which I am very impressed - running several businesses together and able to squeeze in time for social activities. And the only reason why his is able to manage so well is to sleep less. 

So recently Dark shared with me his dancing journey, which I am unaware of, and that was when he met the beautiful Sayuri. Seeing them together interacting and sharing the wedding planning process for Japan and Singapore, gave me a tint of happiness for this brotherly figure of mine. 

Thanks for the invite. Loved the lovely wedding layout and the hilarious ROM moments. Plus, I rarely compliment hotel food, but those watercress soup and beef from Swissotel were damn awesome and delicious!

So Dark and Sayuri, hope both of you enjoyed the first phrase of your wedding journey. Please remember to enjoy the coming Japan ceremony!

Wedding Planner: LOEWP