Wedding:: Jerome + Shirleen

Challenge accepted. Achievement unlocked.

One of the many weddings that I hold huge excitement and small worrisome for was Jerome and Shirleen's big day. It's a massive wedding to date for Stanstills. What a total relief when the brotherhood and lovely couple manage to brave through close to 80 tables on top of other happening commotions. Definitely a personal challenge to overcome and conquer for me.

Kudos to the bridal party. There's never a wedding that can be done smoothly with merely the couple. Great creativity in gatecrashing games by the bridesmaids and a true sportsmen for the groomsmen in sacrificing their striking looks and accepting every obstacles diligently. Setting up the reception areas, ensuring the bride looks pretty, assisting in the table to table shoot and having a good time for the couple - I don't think the couple can thank you guys enough.

To Jerome and Shirleen, did you guys enjoyed your wedding? I'm definitely do. It's a beautiful day with all the loves pouring from family, friends and colleagues. Thank you for giving me this rare opportunity and documenting down this amazing event. You may include in your resume as the dancing couple. Haha. Have many many happy moments ahead. Looking forward to see little fishballs in the near future. MingFa HUAT AH!

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