Melbourne:: Aaron + Christina

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to the recent Melbourne trip due to a few backlogs of past wedding jobs that oozed a worrisome thought of even more backlogs.

However, everything turns wonderfully well when I expected the least. Met up with couple friends for some shopping and delicious foods as always, most importantly, the photography session with Aaron and Christina was something I will fondly remember with my heart.

Apart from the phototaking session which was spontaneously awesome by the way, this sporting couple earned my respect of a big brother and big sister. We chatted anything and everything until we were the last few to leave the restaurant. From life experience to entrepreneurship to courtship to food, endless topics were shared. Just like catching up with old friends.

So Aaron and Christina. I'm looking forward to more catch up in the near future. Hope both of you enjoyed half of what I had experienced. It's a total waste that I can be your AD photographer, please enjoy every moment during your big day.