Wedding:: Aaron + Ann

A few of the many thing that I hardly learn in school is sale and networking. How to make new friends and build a relationship. It is the society that put us out of our comfort zone and mingles with strangers. I recalled my very first job as a printer salesperson. A young clueless chap like me had the virgin taste of sale industry, forcing myself to initiate a conversation with random people and sell stuffs. Later did I found out, this set of self-taught skills gives me an extra edge and benefiting me to who I am now.

Aaron and Ann are two extra-ordinary sale personnel couple. A property agent and a financial adviser. Both are very successful in their own trade. Through their wedding preparation and big day, I gained priceless knowledge, a different perspective from the professionals. I am intrigued. I remembered having a deep conversation with Aaron after their pre-wedding shoot in regards to property and future planning. To me, it was some vital information that I believed it can only be shared during a paid seminar programme. So thank you for that.

Aaron and Ann’s big day was a smooth-sailing one with a tint of cuteness. For me, it is a brilliant idea to be the couple’s pre-wed and wedding photographer, as with that closer bond developed during the pre-wed shoot, it indirectly and immensely help in the wedding day. Something very vivid happened during their solemnisation. After the JP pronounced, “You may kiss the bride.”, Ann exclaimed a very cute yeah which cheered the guests up. That was my very first time seeing a bride so eager, Definitely, the moment that she had been waiting for the longest time. 

To Aaron and Ann, thank you for bringing me to USS, sharing your wealth of knowledge and tips for the Japan trip then. Crossing path with both of you is nothing more I can expect. Hope both of you have an enjoyable and memorable time. Have beautiful future ahead. HUAT AH!