wedding:: Eugene + Kaiyi

As we grow a little wiser day by day, we tend to mix with friends of common interest and good vibe. We get inspired and stay away from negative influences. Being true to yourself is a liberation and you can attract the right companion.

During Eugene and KaiYi’s wedding day, I noticed a strong positive vibe that KaiYi effervesced. She was very bubbly and showing her crescent smile which somehow radiated their celebratory atmosphere. I believe this outstanding factor might be one of her many attractiveness that the dashing Eugene fell for. 

Lots of love and smile from family and friends were pouring in on their big day. The awesome bridal party, lively tea ceremony, pretty DIY snack bar, gleeful reception and heartwarming speeches.There was nothing more you can ask for. 

To Eugene and KaiYi, even a blind person will know both of you are meant for each other. Eugene’s towering frame will your pillar of support, while KaiYi’s optimistic vibe with an icing of her toothy smile will be your daily dosage of happiness. Well, it is an honour to be at your service. Have an awesome journey ahead.