wedding:: KahSeng + Lucinda

"Get lost and found yourself"

The initial thought of being independent is easily achievable from anyone who stay in its own country ever since birth. One will only realise when residing in another country all by themselves that being independent is the only way to survive and live on.

The love story of KahSeng and Lucinda was a true example of finding oneself in a foreign place. Immigrating from Hong Kong at a young age, KahSeng and his family did not have many relatives and friends to rely on. Everything was back to square one. According to the groom, the initial stage was tough, adapting to new culture, using more English and Mandarin to communicate and making new friends. Few true friends were made through his academic years and most importantly, he met Lucinda. The lady who changes his perspective of family bonding and being sociable. So get lost, you will find yourself and your soulmate.

To KahSeng and Lucinda, the loyalty of the groomsmen was once again tested and proven; and the creativity of bridesmaids was applauded. Love the proposal video and the tear-jerking speeches. It was truly an honour to document down a celebration of two beautiful families as one. May both of you have many many joyful moments ahead.