Wedding:: ChungHeng + Chernie

It has been 2+ years since I started this rewarding photography journey. Meeting clients and gaining knowledge from time to time. On and off, I met some clients who have been a follower of my work and were keen to engage my photography service one fine day. 

The first email exchange with ChungHeng and Chernie was not a happy one. I had to turn down their request due to another booking from a couple then and I can sense their disappointment. However, with the slimmest hope, their date was reopened. You cannot really explain the luck one might have until it falls on them. It’s like striking a lottery. Got an immediate confirmation from the overjoyed couple upon our first meet up. 

Thought out their wedding day, everything was nicely executed with an icing of eccentric and surprise. Instead of the usual gate crash, the couple decided to invite their bridesmaids and groomsmen for breakfast - a happy tummy to start the day off. Before the reception, the couple and a few friends were busy setting up a vintage snack bar and album table. Everything was well planned by this crafty bride, from the purchasing of the old school snacks to the beautiful presentation of the album table. Lots of effort and handwork were put in for this very moment. On top of that, the highest point of the lunch banquet, the couple surprised their guest by singing to the song “Romance of Alocasia” by Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰 - “海芋戀”) while dancing down the red carpet. Hyping up the entire ballroom and giving every guest a memory to remember.

To ChungHeng and Chernie, you never know how lucky am I to be part of your big day. Love your snack bar which brought me back to those happy childhood moments. All your preparation efforts were recognised and superbly pulled off. Have a wonderful life ahead and 好有活力~!